On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in Brdo pri Kranju awarded awards to the most innovative companies in Slovenia for 2018. Over 700 innovators from 297 Slovenian companies participated in the selection process. MIK, d.o.o., one of the leading manufacturers of ventilation systems with recuperation, received the Silver Award for achievements in the development of the new generation of ventilation systems, MIKrovent 60 and MIKrovent 120.

MIK Celje’s Director, Franci Pliberšek, took over the award, with a team of expert associates who developed the local MIKrovent ventilation system. This has definitely boosted the development of local ventilation to a higher level, with enviable results of maintaining 95% of the heat of the indoor air with constant air exchange.

Local ventilation system MIKrovent is definitely a product and solution for ventilating living spaces that improves the quality of living, which was also recognized by the expert commission of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for innovation awards.

Congratulations to the MIKrovent team for the Silver Award handed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia!