Certificates and reports

ZRMK Construction Institute awarded company MIK Celje with the Quality Mark for the local ventilation systems MIKrovent:

Company MIK Celje was awarded the Construction Quality Badge for the MIKrovent Local Ventilation System for the second time. MIK’s first two-pipe ventilation system with heat recovery – with capacity of 30 m3/h has been developed 10 years ago, and three years ago they started developing more powerful and especially more efficient ventilation system solutions with capacity of 60 and 120 m3/h.

MIKrovent belongs to the category of products that enable greater energy efficiency of ventilation. The device is designed to provide sufficient fresh air in a single room, as heat recovery reaches from 80 to 95% efficiency, depending on the flow rate of the air and thus meets the requirements of the technical regulations. The product can be embedded in expanded window frames, shutters or individually on the wall.

MIKrovent is a novelty and boasts innovative solutions of a heat exchanger, which can be upgraded with an enthalpy.MIKrovent development team devoted much attention to reducing the noise caused by the operation of the device. We also incorporated counter-current protection and quality filters.

Continuous improvements are also introduced in the production process, in the field of technical consulting, servicing, marketing and sales channels, as their devices are installed around the world. The choice of materials and systems pay great attention to the origin of embedded materials and products, transport, energy consumption and lifetime and recycling, as they are an environmentally oriented company. They also play a key role in raising awareness and informing the general public about the importance of radiation, ventilation of living and working premises, which is especially true for renovated dwellings.