MIKrovent Home30

The right solution for complete ventilation of your entire home or only ventilation of the most critical rooms.

MIKrovent Home30 is suitable for rooms with high humidity levels, which can, in winter months, lead to the formation of molds, and thus impair your quality of living and needlessly undermine your health.

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MIKrovent Office60 

Best for ventilation of multifunctional residential and business premises.

MIKrovent Office60 is an excellent solution for the complete ventilation of your home, office or solely for the ventilation of multifunctional indoor spaces, where you spend most of your time.

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MIKrovent Professional120

Is an excellent solution for ventilation of larger premises where more people gather.

MIKrovent Professional120 is recommended for installation in classrooms, playrooms, waiting rooms, and conference rooms. It is also suitable for the ventilation of your home, i.e. especially large multifunctional living spaces typical of modern architecture.

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MIKrovent Academy

You can find all relevant information about healthy ventilation and the quality of living on the MIKrovent Academy website.

A properly-ventilated space is critical for the creation of pleasant and healthy indoor living conditions. Many users as well as suppliers of windows and doors dedicate far too much attention to thermal insulation while forgetting the significance of ventilation.

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