Namen prezračevanja

Večfunkcionalne bivalni prostori, hotelske sobe, pisarne..., 30 - 60 m2

Možna lokacija

Vertikalno na steno

Pretok zraka [m3/h] 20-60
Vračanje toplote [%] do 91
Vračanje energije1 [%] do 70
Priključna napetost [V] 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Potrebna moč [W] do 23
Šumnost2 [dB] do 33
Dimenzije [mm] 350 / 287 / 1430
Filtri ePM 2.5 (F7)/ePM 1 (H10 in H13)3 za zunanji zrak
ePM 10 (G4) za notranji zrak
Območje delovanja
zunanje temperature4 [°C]
od -25 do 50

Pametna naprava / WiFi /
Senzorska postaja3 / ModBus3

Senzorji serijsko Temperatura in vlaga
Senzor na
senzorski postaji3
Samostojni senzor3 Radon

1. Ob uporabi entalpijskega izmenjevalnika toplote.
2. Pri 8 dB dušenja v prostoru.
3. Na zahtevo.

4. Naprava deluje do -25°C, proizvajalec komponent jamči delovanje komponent do -20°C

MIKrovent Office is serially fitted with the F7 in G4 filters.

The inlet air filter PM 2.5 (F7) is extremely sensitive and can remove small fine air particles measuring 2.5 μm or less. In order to successfully retain small air particles, the filter must be made of special non-washable materials.

The outlet air filter PM 10 (G4) is a washable filter, preventing the entry of hard particles measuring from 2.5 μm to 10 μm.

Breathe better air. Choose MIKrovent ventilation.

Inlet air filter PM 2.5 (F7)

Outlet air filter PM 10 (G4)

You control MIKrovent Office by a user-friendly remote control which can also be used to set its weekly programmer.

Breathe better air. Choose MIKrovent ventilation.

MIKrovent Office can be installed on a wall (be careful not to damage in-wall wiring).

Breathe better air. Choose MIKrovent ventilation.

Mounting on a wall, dimensions in milimeters

Inlet air enters the MIKrovent Office ventilation unit through the grille and duct, whereas the grille and the duct are separated by an intermediate distribution plate, preventing the mixing of inlet and outlet air. The inlet and outlet air travel along two separate chambers. Both air flows meet in the heat exchanger, where the outlet air emits energy and heat to the inlet air (either heating or cooling the air).

MIKrovent Office is serially fitted with humidity and temperature sensors and can operate in 4 different modes (air supply, air discharge, automatic and manual mode) and at 5 intensity levels. To ensure optimum conditions and ensure a high level of living comfort, we recommend that you use automatic mode.

MIKrovent Office operates in the temperature range from -25°C to +50°C. The unit operates at all temperature and humidity conditions without interruptions.

Breathe better air. Choose MIKrovent ventilation.

MIKrovent Office comes in white, but you can choose from various predesigned casing templates or completely personalize the unit’s look with a photo of your choice.

The outer grille is made of aluminum and coloured in white. Upon request it can also match the color of your façade according to the RAL scale.

Breathe better air. Choose MIKrovent ventilation.

MIKrovent Office is easy to maintain. In order for the ventilation unit to operate without interruptions and supply clean air into the room, you need to make sure the filters are clean.

The inlet air filter should be replaced depending on air pollution, however, at least once a year.

The outlet air filter is washable and we recommend that you wash it several times per year.

Breathe better air. Choose MIKrovent ventilation.

When purchasing MIKrovent Office the customer receives the ventilation unit with serially fitted temperature and humidity sensors, a set of filters (outlet and inlet), a remote control, and all required installation materials, including pipes/ducts and polystyrene. Consumables (such as polyurethane foam) are not included and must be supplied by the customer.

Breathe better air. Choose MIKrovent ventilation.

The ventilation unit can be installed by MIK installers at a surcharge. Bore drilling service and preparatory construction works can also be provided by MIK at a surcharge.

Before installing MIKrovent Office, a ɸ200 mm bore needs to be drilled to insert the polystyrene cartridge body, which is cut to the length of the bore and sealed with polyurethane foam. A metal mounting plate is mounted over the bore with 6 wall-fixing screws. The interior of the MIKrovent Office ventilation unit and outer casing are mounted onto the mounting plate with a clip-on system. A designer outer grille covering the bore is mounted to the outside of the building with four screws. The MIKrovent unit must be connected to a 230 V/50 Hz power source via the supplied triple cable.

The installation does not include installation of wiring and cables, which must be provided for by the customer prior to installer’s arrival.

Breathe better air. Choose MIKrovent ventilation.

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Do you have sleeping problems or suffer from insomnia?
Breathe better air. Choose MIKrovent ventilation.