General information about ventilation

A properly-ventilated space is critical for the creation of pleasant and healthy indoor living conditions. Many users as well as suppliers of windows and doors dedicate far too much attention to thermal insulation while forgetting the significance of ventilation.

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported their research findings and expressed great concern regarding the dangerously high levels of air pollution in many areas around the world. New data show that 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high concentrations of contaminated particles, such as black carbon, which penetrate deep into human lungs and cardiovascular system. The organization estimates that each year about 7 million people die due to exposure to fine particles in polluted air, leading to diseases such as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and respiratory infections, including pneumonia.

In an extensive article in 2015, the Slovenian Dnevnik newspaper reported that, according to some information, over 50,000 households or accommodation units in Slovenia are not suitable for living due to inadequate indoor air quality. In case of inadequate air flow and exchange, indoor air becomes saturated and can no longer absorb moisture. Consequently, black spots begin to accumulate on walls of our living premises, becoming an even greater concern for our lungs and respiratory system.

Fresh air is critical for our health – research findings even show it can protect us from the onset of cancer. Fresh air can be defined as cold, unpolluted air in a natural environment, while being rich in oxygen and negative ions. However, we cannot presume that fresh air can be found everywhere – with increasing urbanization and industrialization in cities, air is becoming increasingly polluted. We are often told to go outside and get some fresh air. Indoor oxygen levels drop quickly. When you sit at your desk, your breathing is shallow and unnatural, often leading to fatigue and lack of concentration. Outdoor exercise, on the other hand, allow us to breathe deeply. We inhale more oxygen and exhale exhaust air, resulting in more energy and a better mood.