Certificates and quality

Justification of the ZRMK Building and Civil Engineering Institute upon award of the Quality Mark for the MIKrovent local ventilation system to MIK Celje

This was already the second time MIK Celje was awarded the Quality Mark in construction for its innovative MIKrovent local ventilation system. MIKrovent Home 30, MIK’s first bidirectional ventilation system with a capacity of 30 m³/h was developed 10 year ago, while 3 years ago MIK began with the development of higher capacity and more efficient heat recovery ventilation systems with a capacity of 60 m³/h and 120 m³/h, i.e. MIKrovent Office 60 and MIKrovent Professional 120.

MIKrovent systems fall within the category of products that enable higher energy efficiency of ventilation of residential and working premises. The unit supplies adequate quantities of fresh air to each room, as the heat recovery rate can reach up to 80-95% (depending on the air flow), and thus complies with the technical regulation requirements. The product can be installed in extended window frames, roller shutter casings or independently, on the wall.

The development achievement (several patents were also acquired) is embodied in the MIKrovent ventilation system that has been developed entirely in Slovenia. MIKrovent is an innovation on a global scale and offers innovative cross-flow heat exchanger solutions that can be upgraded to an enthalpy heat exchanger. In the recent years they also advanced and improved the technology for installation of specific components. They dedicated a lot of attention to reducing the noise level of the unit’s operation. MIK also offers installation of radon protection and high-quality filters. We further wish to commend the design and functional improvements, e.g. modern look of the unit and outer grille, the colour of which can be selected to match your façade, as well as air supply regulation options, etc.

MIK is also committed to continuous improvements of the manufacturing process, providing technical advice, maintenance and other services, improving marketing models, and establishing new sales channels, as our units found way to numerous global markets. When selecting materials and systems, MIK dedicates a lot of attention to the origin of the integrated materials and products, transport, energy use, as well as the product life time and their recycling, as it is an environmentally conscious business. MIK also plays a key role in the awareness-raising activities and informing of the general public on the significance of ventilation of our living and working premises, which esp. applies to renovated homes.

We further wish to commend the investment in and construction of a test chamber (laboratory) that can be used to simulate different climates (temperature, humidity level and air flow velocity), while tests’ feedback helps eliminate problems and upgrade various solutions related to the development of the MIKrovent system.